Auskick Program

Welcome to Auskick!

Karrinyup Saints run a full Auskick program on a weekly basis. This program
runs for the full 15 weeks of the football season. It is managed by level 1
accredited coaches along with the support of passionate parents.
The weekly sessions are divided into 2 parts -

  • Approximately 45 minutes of structured training.
  • Approximately 45 minutes of psuedo game play.

The session starts at 9:00AM and finishes at 10:30AM. All sessions are
on a Sunday except for Auskick Gala Day. On this day the Auskick centres
around the district come together to play against each other. This always
takes place on a Saturday and occurs only once per season. Kids do not require a
particular uniform. The club supplies a loan jumper for game play leaving the
parent to fit out their child with shorts and boots.

The Year 3 team each year also participate in a monthly modified rules match
against another club. The idea of this is to prepare this age group for the following
year, whereby they begin their next phase of the game – modified rules football.

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